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Heritage Construction Skills Bridging Course

Many of the county’s finest old buildings – churches, stately homes, Georgian townhouses and public buildings – are increasingly at risk because of the shortage of skilled craftsmen with the ‘know-how’ to repair them properly.

Now young builders, carpenters, roofers and plasterers working in the modern building trade are being invited to upgrade their skills so that they can work on historic buildings too.

The good news: the eight-month ‘Heritage Skills Bridging Course’ is being offered by the Yorkshire-based Heritage Craft Alliance and can be done entirely at weekends, in your own time, so you don’t need to give up your job.

And, thanks to a £30,000 grant from the York-based Foundation for Conservation and Craftsmanship, you could get the training completely free.


To find out more, please contact Glenn Young on 01677 422289 or email .